How to merge PDF files by Photoshop

Merging and combining the PDF files is easy by photoshop and IT is safe and secure for privacy. Sometimes we create files in PDF format using word, power point or any other software such a photoshop. In photoshop, files can be saved into pdf format as well as jpeg, png and other format too but this and option to make separate files but if someone need to combine or merge them, then what.

So, Follow the following step to Merge PDF files in Photoshop.

There are two files first.pdf and second.pdf . I want to merge these 2 files so i need to go to Files -> Automate -> PDF Presentation

First You need to save these files into image format such as jpg, jpeg, png, gif  so thee files save as first.jpg and second.jpg

Now goto Files -> Automate -> PDF Presentation 

After selecting PDF Presentation option

Click on Browse button and select the first.jpg and second.jpg files

Now, Click on Save Button and select a location to save the file

and Click on Save PDF to save the file in pdf format and your file is merged now


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